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Star… etc.

I feel like I should probably talk a little about this.

Part of the reason I’m such a hesitant writer is self-confidence. I worry that anything I have to say has already been said, more articulately, by smarter people. This isn’t necessarily true, but it’s often true, and the only solution is to keep writing and saying things until I’m better at it and able to sound smart enough that OTHER people worry about chiming in because, shit, Keegan Blackler already said it. So I’ll say it.

Disney bought Lucasfilm, and will be coming out with new movies starting in 2015. That’s huge news, which, considering my muted response, probably hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

I go through canon-obsessive phases; whenever I play a new video game or read a new book or see a new movie, for some reason it becomes really important to me to know as much about the world I’ve immersed myself in as possible. I am a lore whore. When I was younger this meant getting my hands on as much tie-in material as I possibly could, these days it’s mostly just spending time reading whatever wiki is dedicated to the subject (and trust me, there is always a wiki). But because these are phases, I grow out of them. I lose interest, stop giving a shit.

I never grew out of the Star Wars phase. It just… changed. I like to think of it like this: I like Star Wars like other people like flowers or birds or a particular color. You don’t dwell on it constantly, but you might go two steps out of your way to get a shirt with a related pattern on it—it’s just that in my case, that pattern is lightsabers.

(This is not to say that I have never jumped into the deep end, or won’t do so again. I know more about that galaxy far far away than I will ever know about my own family. I know what company built TIE fighters, and what TIE stands for. I could sketch you an accurate depiction of the Solo/Skywalker family tree over at least five generations. I know the majority of the chosen names of all the Darths tracing back to Bane and Zannnah, as well as describe three-and-a-half different philosophies of the Sith—and, like, twelve of the Force. I know what Luke’s wife calls him in bed (information garnered from an actual book, actually published by Lucasbooks). I CAN NAME THREE EWOKS.)

Lately, though, I have not been immersed. Haven’t been playing a game, reading a book, watching the show, nothin’. The obsessive-compulsive pilot light is out. So the whole ‘new movies’ ‘Lucas is out of the picture’ news is still in the realm of pleasantly intellectual. I haven’t felt it in my heart yet.



I and some gentleman associates of mine (including the ever-lovin’ Ezra Butt, who really needs to set up a professional art gallery/webcomic site I can link to) will be sitting down around a table, pulling out sheets of paper and pencils and dice, and pretending to be Jedi. We are playing the Star Wars d20 Roleplaying game.

For the mundane, think Dungeons & Dragons, but…. Imperial Dungeons & Krayt Dragons.

I’m excited. Let’s turn on that fire.