Who Falls Asleep at 9pm?

Me, apparently, last night. Hence no update, and no workout. But I’m not gonna stick around for very long tonight, either. I want to dedicate an hour simply to reading a book.

I’m starting to worry that I’m losing the ability to fall into a book for hours on end, simply as a matter of a diminished attention span. I spend so much time on the Internet, hopping from news article to news article to comic to whatever you want, and as a result, my bookshelf is starting to look like a backlog. I hate that. I want to be excited and anxious to open a new book and stay up way too late reading that, not some bullshit wiki!

Of course, I can’t really afford the new books I’d like to be able to buy myself (*cough*Christmas*cough*), but I can still make a solid dent in the ones on my shelf.
Holy shit, it’s the 25th of October.

Speaking of not being able to afford things and the inevitable onward march of time, I’m still unemployed. Keep trying tomorrow, I guess.

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