I Don’t Mean To Ignore You, Baby…

But it’s been a pretty hectic time in my life. I know I committed myself to updating this thing every day, but I also committed myself to getting a Machine of Death story written and submitted. I’ve been struggling with one story for a couple months now, but it took a conversation or two with my good friend Mach Mefner to realize I was going in a completely wrong direction, and needed a new idea. Which I got, and it was so much better. And just this morning, after a SINGLE TEXT MESSAGE, I knew what the ending of my story was. Seriously. If you ever have writer’s block, just talk to this guy.

He’s like a literary laxative.


Lookin' at you, buddy!

And on top of that, I’ve just started writing for a website, and have been working on my first articles for that (which I’ll write more about on Monday, but trust me, I’m very excited about this).

All that being said, however, I am also in the process of looking for work as a writer, which means I need to turn this into a more professional asset I can show to people, as well as express my discipline and dedications. So expect some changes in the coming months.

Have a great night.

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