Stop Productivity. Listen.

Nothing puts me in a good mood like musical theater.

And I'm not the only one.

Is that surprising? It’s probably not. Here’s the skinny: the day after my birthday is ALWAYS a bad day for me. Part of me thinks it’s simply petty depression that I don’t get to act like it’s all about me, while the other half thinks it’s clinical depression that I don’t get to pretend that there are people out there thinking about me and wishing me well.

(have we talked about my crippling self esteem issues? Another day, maybe. When you’re interested.)

Either way it’s bad. But not today. Today’s a good day.

Today, NPR is streaming the entire cast recording of the new hit broadway musical, The Book of Mormon. And I haven’t stopped smiling in an hour. To the uninformed, The Book of Mormon is the brainchild of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, better known as the guys who gave us South Park, and Robert Lopez, half of the creative force behind one of my favorite things in the world, Avenue Q.

Mormon is the story of two young missionaries, Kevin Price—an upstanding, firm believer who’s sure he has a great destiny ahead of him—and Arnold Cunningham—a shlubbish loser who doesn’t know all that much about his faith, but plenty about Star Wars—who are sent to Uganda on their mission. They are confronted with war, poverty, AIDS, and a group of people who don’t think God’s all that hot. Obviously, crises of faith (and hilarity) ensue.

It’s a pretty simple story, jovially told.

Parker and Stone have described the play as “an athiest’s love letter to religion”, and it shows. As is to be expected from Tratt Starker (Mey Pone?), Mormon is filthy and irreverent. It’s also some of the sweetest, most enthusiastic music I’ve listened to in a long time. (That’s not true. I was feeling pretty down a couple weeks ago, and brought myself up by consuming the entirety of Les Miz five times over.) Go listen to it, but make sure you plug in some headphones before you do.

This is the least offensive part.

I don’t know why I’m often drawn to write about music (recall the Hot Bodies concert post that skewed my readership for a month?) when I lack an appropriate vocabulary to do it any sort of justice, except for the fact that I like to write about what moves me, and music most definitely does.

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