Dream Journal

I rarely remember my dreams. And even more rarely is the product of my horrifying psyche a solid idea for a short independent film. But this morning I kind of woke up with a gem. The basic premise is that a group of young friends are early victims of a zombie apocalypse, except the twist is that when they die, they come back to life at a different point in time (but always within the confines of said zombiepocalypse). And it’s a comedy.

The dream contained actual scenes, even, complete with cinematography and proper camera swooping. The earliest one I remember actually started off disconnected from the undead theme. It was a pastor at a predominantly African American megachurch giving a rousing sermon that was so uplifting it inspired a horde of young men and women, all of whom were unironically wearing angel wings, to rush the stage and embrace the pastor. Then more people—also in angel wings—come on from backstage. These people have been bitten, but in the religious fervor, who’s to judge?

Okay, you can’t really do that on an amateur budget, but whatever.

The first time we see our heroes having the reality of the outbreak come crashing in on their world is at a birthday party. (Which, last night, was a version of a birthday party I’m going to this weekend. Hoping I’m not clairvoyant.) The revelry is broken up when one of the friends, freshly bitten, obviously, is carried in and laid to rest on the coffee table. After absolutely no mourning by a guy who is clearly his best friend, he expires.

This is interrupted by a completely normal looking young woman landing on the balcony from somewhere up in the sky, dropping off some extra zombies, and swooping away into the night. She is our villain. The zombies overrun the party, every body dies, and cut to the two best friends waking up in a hospital, and fighting over the lack of proper grief in the previous scene. This is our introduction to the basic mechanic of the film.

Also there’s a pee joke in there. I’m serious. I dreamt a urine sight gag.

That’s about all I can remember, but I’m thinking of taking the time to build it into something more. Feedback appreciated, theft is not.

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