Less Suddenly…

Between Pittsburgh, my computer being at the shop, being sick, Emerald City, and Pokemon White, (and actual work), I haven’t written that much lately. Let’s fix that.


Somehow else…

A gangly, knobby creature of uncomfortable proportions marches down a hallway in a facility built from the dessicated remains of a reptile the size of Pluto. Despite the vast biological, societal, and universal gulfs between your species and his, you can tell he is in a foul mood because I used the verb “marches”. He is wearing a crisp, pressed suit made from a material that doesn’t exist, styled in the fashion of either the military or the military industrial complete. It is the suit of a being who does not tolerate others or their opinions with ease. It has lapels that can only be described as inexorable.

Trailing him is an aide who is identical to him in absolutely every conceivable way, only less so.

“Apes,” he grouses with all the indignity his mouth can muster. Which is quite a bit, considering those freakish tongues of theirs. “It’s always apes.”

“Technically sir,”  chirps the aide, “they are hominids. At best we might say they are ‘post-simian’. They have industry, art, and just recently they cracked the atom and developed rudimentary extraplanetary trav…”

“They are an infection, nameless minion #7235, a pollution upon what I am assured is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of paralexcavation, and suddenly I’m getting calls in the middle of the night to come solve this shitbacle!” He stops, the aide’s words finally seeping into the cracks in the wall of his indignation. “Cracked, you say?”

“They have turned the atom into a bomb, yes.”

He spat, blasphemed, and spat again.

“However,” the aide chirps again, “if I might be so presumptuous, I think I’ve found a solution.”

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