Suddenly, A Giraffe

The crowd is adorned in coats (white) and jackets (black) and slacks (crisp) and lenses (corrective). Pencils scratch across notepads, a cough resonates embarrassingly. Old colleagues greet each other with either vigorous handshakes or equally vigorous disdain. Any number of wistful young scholars are lost in thought, wondering if, perhaps, that new librarian really does like wookiees and π as much as her t-shirts would have you believe. One of them knows she does, and had a fantastic night, but isn’t going to say anything.

These are the minds who have and will determine the shape and direction of science and academia for years to come. They are engineers, philosophers, bloggers, linguists, biologists, physicists, theologians, sociologists, authors, even an astronomer or two. But they gather today for a singular purpose. They have come to hear an ultimatum. They have come to see the giraffe speak.

(We’ll pick it up later.)

  1. Wonder what the giraffe has to say!

    • pyg
    • January 26th, 2011

    you know me. i am several scotches into the evening – however … i must say, i truly enjoy your posts. i wait for the next installment with baited breath – and yes, as an English major, i DO know that is NOT the way it is spelled! Oh – and as is obvious, i did read a lot of e. e . cummings….lol

  2. “One of them knows she does, and had a fantastic night, but isn’t going to say anything.”

    This is my favorite part thus far.

  3. Also! This writing. I like it.

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