Keeg Me Harder

Well, that sounds filthy, but so does “Tweet Me Harder”, David Malki ! and Kris Straub’s podcast, upon which I was lucky enough to be a surprise guest earlier tonight for the super-special fiftieth episode. Not because I’m a super nifty webartist/novelist contemporary of of theirs (YET!), but because I tend to be an eager volunteer when it comes to audience participation—I am, however, super nifty.

My role was just to play War against the other volunteer, and the winning TMH guy (I was Malki’s card-jockey) would make the other eat one item from a selection of horribly mysterious packaged foods from a local Asian market, but rather than just stand there awkwardly while David suffered for his art and his audience, I volunteered further and ate some pickled radishes with him. Never say I lack loyalty.

Then I ate what we only know of as “old man fingers” (I think they were pickled peppers, but they tasted like paste that’s disappointed in you as a son), and the regret set in.

I wasn’t able to purchase any of the books on sale due to poordom, but I did manage to meet, drink beer with, and snag drawings from Erika Moen, Aaeron Diaz (I feel like a heel for never having really gotten into his stuff before, because I’ve met him a couple times and his work is stupidly beautiful), and Meredith Gran—in fact, she drew what is probably the sicknastiest rhino in the history of the word sicknasty, so rather than keep it all to myself, pictures will follow.

Now I’m going to go work on scripts for graphic novels, which I will then someday make Ezra Butt draw, possibly at gunpoint. Oh yeah, Ezra was there, but I already know him. Come to think of it, I should probably make him draw in my moleskin along with all my other artist drawings… most definitely at gunpoint.

Inspiration (and prepackaged Japanese foods of an indeterminate nature) is a terrible, powerful thing.

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