The Proper Keegantroductions

Before this goes anywhere, to answer the question: yes. It is a punning technique I intend to use relentlessly.

Given the fact that this is the very first entry in a blog that is not by someone who is already famous for some other creative work, the odds are decent that you already know the following information: My name is Keegan, and this is my blog.

Against convention and common sense, I am not approaching this project with any sort of theme or cohesive element in mind. Perhaps such things shall emerge over time. For now, the point of this journal is to provide me with a creative outlet more fulfilling than Twitter. It’s a fun system, to be sure, but I’m beginning to fear that I’m using it as a sort of creative crutch: thoughts that I could develop into full fledged articles just get parsed down to blurbs and bullet points. Like this:

When was the last time a society oppressed albinos? I ask because I want to oppress albinos.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. I should be willing and able to craft coherent and amusing hate-speech about albinos, but instead I just send the thought out into the aether (æther? ether? Others?) and let it float there, abandoned, unloved, and forgotten for eternity. This is no way to hone a craft.

What I hope (and what you should expect) is that this will be a place where I can continue the “fine” tradition I began with my work in The Falcon, only now I’ll be free to write on subjects that don’t necessarily have to appeal to a bunch of sheltered boys and girls. For instance, NERD THINGS. Far too often I failed to write on an issue I cared about because I knew it would only interest a small slice of our readership. So much for writing what you know.

Here, however, I am free to create my own readership. I can already feel the liberation flooding my lungs. Expect musings, arguments, the occasional* hate-filled diatribe, and reviews of pretty much ever form of media I consume. Also, expect the frequency of such things to drop off dramatically as I start getting published on real websites. So, until then, let it echo throughout the halls of the Internet: I hereby claim this tiny corner of the world for myself and my words, numerous may they be.

Stay tuned for further updates as events warrant. And warrant they shall.

* By “occasional”, I obviously mean “oft-appearing”.**

** This website has no proper footnote system, at least not as far as I can tell. That’s gonna get old fast.

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